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Little Church Update, or, What’s Going-On in the Little Church

It’s physical work. Sure, there is cleaning and painting, but did you know how rickety and fragile some of the pews had become? What about the cracks in the seats and backs of the pews? Did you notice the floor of the Church? Gouges up to half an inch deep could have caused parishioners to trip on the floor between the pews.

So, hands and knees and sitting on the floor.

And the odor of stain and polyurethane.

Nails and screws promote sturdy pews.

Filling the cracks and sanding them smooth.


Dust in the corners, who could have guessed?

Hard, ageless chewing gum, putty-knifed from under the seats.

Discovering the grain in beautiful woods, now we can see it.

So far (as of 6/8/19) the hardy restoration crew has forged ahead accomplishing quite a number of things:

          The baseboards on the aisle-side of the pews have been removed and new baseboard lumber has been milled to replace the baseboards.

          All the kneelers were removed and refinished.

          All the nave pews have been repaired, deep gouges filled, cleaned, stained where needed and coated with a hard surface.

          The “choir” pews and acolyte pews have been cleaned and coated as was the pew by the columbarium.

          The floor on the left side of the nave has had the gouges filled, primed and painted (two coats) in readiness for placement of a center support. Soon we will see replacement of the book rack, and installation of a larger book rack in hopes of removing prayer books and hymnals from the pew seats.

          The floor on the right side has been filled, and mostly primed.

          The pulpit and lectern have been cleaned, stained, and coated with a hard surface. In addition, the decorative cabinet near the columbarium has been cleaned, stained and coated.

          The bishop’s chair and priest’s chair have been cleaned and coated.

          The marble Baptismal font has been repaired and will be polished.

          The speaker wires from the organ have disappeared under the church, no longer a sight across the carpet.

There is much more to do. The floor under the piano and organ needs attention, much work. The altar needs repair and refinishing. New baseboard will be attached to the pews. Nosing* in preparation for the new Cathedral Red carpet needs to be installed by the pews and at the edges of the floor steps as it rises to the altar. The painting of the right-side floor needs to be completed before the center supports, book racks and kneelers can be installed.

The final items will be the carpet replacement and cushion cleaning. Then we can dust the whole church like crazy (even though we have worked hard to keep the dust to a minimum as we work).

Estimated date of completion? Barring more extremely hot days and other surprises sometime in July – probably late July.

*”Nosing” is a strip of wood that sits at the edge of a step making the edge of the step noticeable.  In defining the step edge the “nose” makes it less likely that one might trip over it. 

The Little Church Crew