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Vestry & Deanery

Our Vestry consists of 10-12 members.  Four people are elected each year and serve for three years.

Senior Warden: Sylvia Ma,
Junior Warden: Monique Manjarrez,

Bob Bynum (term exp. 2022)
Bob Doherty (term exp. 2022)
Janet Fischer (term exp. 2023)
Tim Fortescue (term exp. 2023)
Mary Francis Leopold (term exp. 2023)
Monique Manjarrez (term exp. 2021)
Jim McConnell (term exp. 2023)
Sylvia Ma (term exp. 2022)
Sally Morgan (term exp. 2021)
Laura Winter (term exp. 2021)

Email the Vestry:

Vestry Clerk: Elizabeth Hart
Treasurer: Lynn Locher

Email our Deanery Representatives:

Our Deanery Representatives:
Term 2019-2020: Meg Amouroux, John Amouroux
Term: 2020-2021: Ken Trant, Scott Whitaker, Jim McConnell
Alternates: Elaine Miller