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Vestry & Deanery

Vestry Meeting Agendas 2024

January 2024 Agenda | February 2024 Agenda | March 2024 Agenda | April 2024 Agenda


Our Vestry consists of 10-12 members.  Four people are elected each year and serve for three years.

Senior Warden: Vivienne Paratore,
Junior Warden: Charisma Pangilinan,

John Amouroux (term exp. 1/2027)
Nancy Castaneda (term exp. 1/2025)
Gregg Feeney (term exp. 1/2027)
Burtin Hart (term exp. 1/2027)
Matt Hurley (term exp. 1/2027)
Kaethe Langs (term exp. 1/2027)
Peter Maina (term exp. 1/2025)
Charisma Pangilinan (term exp. 1/2026)
Vivienne Paratore (term exp. 1/2025)
Marcus Pun (term exp. 1/2026)
Ann Saponara (term exp. 1/2027)
Barbara Vacchieri (term exp. 1/2026)

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Vestry Clerk: Elizabeth Hart
Treasurer: Bruce Roberts

Our Deanery Representatives:
Mary Frances Leopold, John Wagas (term exp. 1/2025)
Mike Scrutton, Ken Trant (term exp. 1/2026)
Alternate: Jim McConnell

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