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Senior Wardens of St. James’ Episcopal Church, Fremont

2024Vivienne Paratore
2023Meg Amouroux
2022Jim McConnell
2021Sylvia Ma
2020Sylvia Ma
2019Monique Manjarrez
2018Bruce Roberts
2017Vivienne Paratore
2016Meg Amouroux
2015Dave Nelsen
2014Mike Scrutton
2013Janet Fischer
2012Janet Fischer
2011Mary Casas
2010Jan Scrutton
2009Sylvia Ma
2008Sylvia Ma
2007Barbara Dabney
2006Pegeen Perry
2005Brad Hoffman
2004Mary Dearborn
2003E.J. Hilliard
2002E.J. Hilliard
2001Lynn Locher
2000Lynn Locher
1999Janet Fischer
1998-99Janet Fischer (Vestry year changed to run on the calendar year)
1997-98Charlie Dickinson
1996-97Ed Abram
1995-96Maggie Shalar
1994-95Julie Roberts
1993-94Valle Brokes
1992-93Pam Rice
1991-92Pam Rice
1990-91Maggie Shalar
1989-90F. Preston (Bud) Spalding  (From this point and prior, Vestry Minutes do not name the Sr. Warden)
1988-89Roberta “Bobbie” Tomkinson
1987-88Ray Hedvall
1986-87Nat Bryant
1985-86Bud Spalding
1984 -85Dick Aston (Vestry year changed to run June-May)
1983Lori Hedvall
1982Jay Hendee
1981Jan Gaynor
1980Jan Gaynor
1979George Vlastelica
1978Roberta “Bobbie” Tomkinson
1977David Gaynor
1976Edwin L. Bowers
1975Elsworth Finlay (Note: Jan. 1975 Annual Meeting is recorded as “27th Annual meeting of the Parish” which means annual meeting records should go back to 1948)
1974Richard L. “Dick” Aston
1973Ed Abram
1972Kenn Taylor
1970Donald Curley
1969Elsworth Finlay
1968Don Schaaf/Laurie Davis?
1967Dean Widrig
1965Dean R. Widrig
1964James D. McGrew
1963James D. McGrew
1962Dean Jones
1960Patrick Kesler
1955L.S. Whitaker Jr.
1949Mr. Claire Lopez
1948John Richard Sutton [The first Sr. Warden after St. James’ attained parish status.  The Education Building is named “Sutton Hall” for him.]
1936-1940Philip H. Moore
1924-1935Hugh E. Mosher
1877C.S. Haley