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Summer Day Camp

Summer 2023: You Are Invited…

“You Are Invited…” was the message and theme for the 11th annual Summer Camp at St. James’ held the last week of July. Sounds of laughter, giggles, excitement, and happy feet filled the St. James’ campus as 19 cheerful “Campers” arrived each day. For some, it was their first time at St. James’ while others had participated many times over the years. Old friendships were renewed and new ones made from the very first minutes. The week was filled with Bible stories, singing songs, playing games, learning prayers with sign language, enjoying delicious snacks, making colorful crafts, and, of course, lots of fun. The largest number of Volunteers ever helped the Campers navigate the various activities throughout the week. Some of the Volunteers had been participants in the early years of Summer Camp and now were leaders that the Campers looked up to.

I believe this is my 11th year as a volunteer! I have enjoyed every year! Lots of memories and fun times!


As a volunteer and participating camper’s parent, I can testify that we are making the most of each half day: singing, dancing, stories, relay-racing, snacks, and crafting, rounded off with sign language! While it is not easy to wrangle children out of bed over a week of midsummer mornings, the children leave camp wearing smiles, every day (and leave at the end of the week with treasure troves of hand-made booty). Thank you to Jan and all that have assisted in organizing everything into a seamless week of recreation. I have also been impressed by the number of our youth volunteers that offer their time to help make camp special for the younger ones.


We have enjoyed our first camp experience. Seeing all the projects and games was exciting. Watching the games with the boxes was a favorite and the pillowcases decorating was wonderful. Won’t you let us play again?

Kaethe & Stu

The best thing about Day Camp is that each person can participate and have fun. We have people from toddlers to seniors and everything in between. Through the music, games, and crafts, everyone has a great time.


Summer 2022: Together @ St. James’

After two years of quiet we were able to regather Together @ St. James’ for summer day camp in the last week of July. This week was long awaited as we were also celebrating 10 years of day camp. A relatively cool yet bright week made our plans to move almost all our activities outside easily achieved and we took advantage of canopies and natural shade on campus to stay comfortable. A final 20 students and 6 youth volunteers were joined during the week by a total of 20 adults volunteering for anything from a morning to a full week.

Jennifer utilized the projector in church to put together a fun and active music program each day while our morning teaching centered around stories of people working and doing things together to help each other. Bev helped us learn sign language to go with our prayer and by the end of the week the children were confidently helping lead the prayer entirely in sign language.

Our biggest success on the game front was yet again the boxes! Tom and Jill led the kids through a series of active challenges collecting boxes and building towers, tunnels and sculptures together. As many parents will tell you the box can often be more fun than the contents and these games certainly confirmed that!

After a tasty snack (thanks Lauren & Bob!) our day would move on to craft time and it is then that we as leaders have a chance to sit with the students, find out a bit about them, help them make something and they have a chance to make new friends too. Our crafts this year went with our colorful theme and included tie-dye and paint pouring along with sand art, pom-pom making and collage.

Thank you to everyone who helped with camp – whether you came along all week, donated or collected supplies. Summer Camp works because we all work together, because everyone welcomes these young people gathering on our campus and because they feel welcome. We look forward to welcoming them back again in the future.

On top of Mountains –
Summer Camp at St. James’ 2019.

Where cardboard boxes become mountains
and building blocks,
Where glass jars make lanterns,
Where rocks make pets and tell stories,
Where old friends and new meet up,
Where a little faith can move mountains,
And where adults and children are all beloved Children of God.

Some comments from kids and volunteers about this year’s summer camp:

Camp was really, really, really fun!!! My favorite part was making the labyrinth out of clay and choosing my own colors. We were free to choose our favorites so every person could make what they liked the best. Mine was Gryffindor colors. I also liked that my friends were at camp. I was excited to play with them, especially building the box fort on the hot day!


Camp was fun! My favorite part was making the protein bar. It was the best because we got to bring them home and eat them. We also got to build with clay and paint rocks lots of colors.


I loved the engagement and involvement of each and every child in different activities that we did all day long. My children have been singing at home after the summer camp.


The youth volunteers were such a pleasure to team with…courteous, fun and they offered great suggestions with snack arrangements and food handouts. They assisted the VBS campers with clean up after snacks and crafts, and demonstrated the importance of recycling and keeping the church grounds clean. A bucketful of thanks and smiles to them.


I have volunteered for all 9 years of Summer Camp. It has been amazing to see the growth of the children-how tall and grown up they have become. It is also amazing to see the excellent planning and thoughts that go into making this week a huge success. A success not only for the children but for the volunteers, young and “advanced” in age! I have loved every year and am looking forward to next year.


Thank you to everyone who is part of summer camp, from the ideas, the gathering of supplies, the paperwork, the prayers, the parents, volunteers and kids. The success of camp comes from the combination of all these parts, and more.

Jan Scrutton