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Holy Week at Home for Maundy Thursday


A reflection for Maundy Thursday from Rev Bill Hale.

Hand Washing Ritual

Join in this ritual of hand-washing.

A Maundy Thursday service for the home.

This Maundy Thursday service was designed for use in the home, around the dinner table (whatever shape that takes). If possible the table should be set with the best the house has to offer. A fine tablecloth perhaps, flowers, and the best place settings. We sit down to feast with God and for that we bring our best. If your best is a folding table and takeout containers God will be as honored by that as fine silver and crystal.
This service draws from the Eucharistic tradition, but it is not a sacramental meal. We call it Eukharistía: Ancient Greek (εὐχαριστία), meaning “gratitude, giving of thanks”. And this we can and should do whenever we share the bounty of the earth!
All Christians are called to bless and so while this meal is not sacramental it includes blessings of the food and drink shared, and the people gathered. A recipe for bread has been included if you wish to make it at home, but you can use any bread you have available.
Similarly, while the service mentions wine you should use whatever beverage makes sense for you and those gathered. In the ancient world wine was safe (when the water was not) and was a staple. Using a beverage that is a staple of your dinner table is always acceptable.
The service has been written so that various parts can be shared out among those present, don’t be afraid to let children read and lead! Each part is either meant to be read by a single person, or by all. And this is indicated with “One” or “All.” The “One” parts may be shared and a single leader is not required. While this service assumes a small gathering it can, when necessary, be done by an individual who while physically alone is nevertheless gathered in spirit with the rest of the church this night.
One candle (called the Christ candle) should be placed on the table and lit before the service begins, it will remain lighted throughout. If possible a candle should be given to each person present.
Throughout some sections will be marked [In times of pandemic/epidemic], these portions of the service are meant specifically for times when physical gathering has been banned due to disease. They may be omitted at other times.

Download the text for the service here.

Blessing of the Meal on Maundy Thursday

Bless your table using the words shared here.

Lessons for Maundy Thursday

A lesson sheet for Maundy Thursday can be found here.

Holy Week @ Home interactive video

We join in, with the fifth of the Holy Week videos using our Holy Week @ Home booklet and bag.