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SHINE at St. James’

VBS2016-1Our sixth year of VBS at St. James’ saw a rainbow of banners outside church celebrating the summers of fun we have had. From trees and fish, to Christmas and camp on to a celebration of the feast and the light that Christ shines into our lives. Each year a group of volunteers, generous of heart and spirit, join together to welcome children to our campus. They learn how to laminate, glue, color, melt wax, thread, print and sing (with actions). They welcome each child, the familiar and the new, and as the week goes on they get to know the characters of each.

The children who arrive at VBS come alone or with siblings, friends and cousins. They come for the first time or return looking for familiar tunes, games and chance to try new crafts. Each person leaves at the end of the week a little more tired, with paint or glitter marks of honor and having been exposed to a few more stories of our faith.

As another year ends and we put away our shirts again (so much yellow!) ideas start to form for next summer and we imagine that VBS2016we can gather the energy to do this again. I thank every volunteer who worked during the week, everyone who collected the things we needed (responding to my strange requests), every parent or grandparent who delivered children to us each day (and picked them back up again!), everyone who held us in prayer and every child who came and joined us. We all come together to form the week that is VBS at St James’. See you again next summer!

~Jan Scrutton, Children’s Minister