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why we chose st. james’

Bob Doherty

A sense of community that welcomed Lauren and me with open arms is what drew us to Saint James’.  

It did take some adjustment on our part because we were both raised as Roman Catholics, as were our children.  But when we became “empty nesters” we drifted away from regular church attendance and we became what I call “roaming Catholics”.  Maybe it was late “Baby Boomer” generation rebellion, but the Roman Catholic Church was going through several challenges that we were not comfortable with (i.e. women’s status and rights, gay marriage, pedophilia scandals, etc.).  So, we stopped attending church services. 

Then on Christmas Eve 2007 we decided to give church a try again.  But where?  We decided to check out St. James’. That night Charlie Nethercott was the greeter and made us feel like we were long lost friends and introduced us to many of the people who were there, including Reverend Bob Honeychurch.  And when we shared the Peace Blessing during Mass, it was like nothing we had experienced before.  Everyone was so open and welcoming that we decided to come to regular Sunday services, and we have been here ever since. 

For us St. James’ is a community where we can feel closer to God, where we can share our joy and fellowship during the happy times, and where we can count on solace and support in sad times.

We made it through the Catholic guilt phase and are now very Episcopalian and happy being part of the St. James’ community.

~Bob Doherty