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Why I Give to St. James’ by John Butterfield

John Butterfield  As a child growing up in the Episcopal Church, giving was a weekly Sunday School obligation, a “tax” on my weekly allowance, which I felt would be much better spent on candy and comic books.
As an adult recently returned to the Episcopal Church, my faith creates a completely different perspective – giving is the opposite of a tax. Giving to the loving community of St. James’ is an ongoing act of gratitude and joy, a gift of thanks for the miracle and mystery of God in our lives.
Giving of my resources – money, time and energy – connects me to St. James’ and the amazing work of the larger Episcopal church in the world. I can see my gift come alive locally and globally in areas of education, feeding the homeless, justice in action, peacemaking, and especially important to me – a loving, inclusive evangelistic movement.
My giving has grown in recent years. I used to give in fear – I was afraid there would not be enough left for me and my family. Now I give in faith and with thanks for God’s abundant love. I consider it a privilege to do my small part to advance the mission of our church — God at work in the world.