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Why I give to Saint James – Ashley Francis

Ashley_Francis Giving to God’s kingdom was initially brought to my attention when I was a little boy of 8 years old and going to church with my Dad. This was back home in South Africa.  My Dad never owned a car back then; it was too costly to buy one and we used to walk to most of our destinations or take public transport to places that where too far to walk. The church that we used to attend was called Church of Epiphany. It used to be part of the Anglican Church then; it was about seven miles from my home and we used to walk every Sunday morning to church and back. I also used to ask a lot of questions during our walk to church and one question was why does my father give money to the church when we don’t have much for ourselves and all the money he is giving the church why doesn’t he save it and buy a car so that we don’t have to walk?

My dad looked at me and said if everyone thought that way we won’t have a church go to, and  God’s house is very similar to our own home, just that it is bigger and has a bigger family under its roof and has to be maintained the same way we maintain our own home: fix the roof, paint the walls, clean the windows, dust and clean the church and keep the lights on, so that everyone who comes to the house of the Lord will feel like they are home and part of his family. He also said that people come to his house not just for the spiritual food but also for solace and refuge, therefore his house needs always to be well maintained and welcoming to all people. The 10% that he gives is just a small percent of a bigger percentage that is needed every month.

The lesson I took from his answer is that as the children of God and part of the family I need to give something back to God to thank him for all that he does for me and also to support those who provide leadership to Christian communities and advance his Kingdom. I also believe that tithing is something between you and God and he knows all our circumstances that affect our lives. Therefore pray and ask God to guide you through this process.

Thank You

~Ashley Francis