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To start, with my past strong relationship with All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Sacramento where I grew up, St. James’ in Fremont (Centerville) was the only logical choice when we moved here.  However, that was not to say that it was a temporary decision.  We knew it was “Our Church.”

As time passed, we moved to Carmichael, California, for a short time as a service representative for Kimber Farms (a poultry breeding company).  We continued our Episcopal journey at St. Michael’s (?) in Carmichael.  Carmichael was an interesting place.  Aerojet was the major employer in the area and a repeated question while first attending services, was “what department “ do you work in at Aerojet?  I had to explain what I did, which was always a great “ice breaker” during coffee hour discussions.

Following our return to Fremont it was natural to again join St. James’ and its familiar, welcoming, and warm atmosphere.  As years passed and we moved to Livermore in 2002, we had a choice – commute over “hill and dale” to St. James’, or begin anew at St. Bartholomew’s (St. Bart’s), just a “stones throw” away from our new home.

It was an obvious and quick decision.  St. James’ was Our Church; and the commute over Pigeon Pass with its spectacular views and through beautiful Niles Canyon was simply an extension of Sunday’s St. James’ experience.  St. James’ is our “family” and we feel that we belong here.  We are not able to attend every Sunday, but we do so as often as possible. Fifth Sundays, with Joan’s reading and my ushering are a must; but we also come other times for the chance to refresh with the lovely liturgical service, the receiving of communion, for the eclectic mix of hymns and of course, the opportunity to visit with our “second family” after the service.  As long as we are able, God willing, we will continue to be St. “James’rs.”

~John Kimber