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Sunday School for April 5 2020 – Palm Sunday

Hosanna! This Sunday morning we should be celebrating Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem with waving palms and processing around campus, but like so much of life we are finding alternate ways to celebrate. Whether you start using your Holy Week @ Home bag and setting up a home altar, or if you decide to find leaves outside and process around the living room, I hope you do mark this day together with joy.

Over the last few weeks we have shared the stories of Holy Week in Sunday School. I hope this means as you walk though Holy Week your children are able to recall those stories and place them within this timeline.

When you watch the start of today’s service online you will find a slide show taken from previous years of us parading around our campus, enjoy this together and remember we will be back at church again one day soon.

I have received some illustrations for next week’s story but do not yet have enough. Please encourage your children to draw, paint, model or create an image to send to me something from the story of Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, Jesus’ arrest and trail, the crucifixion, or empty tomb and resurrection. Many of them have enjoyed the Lego or Minecraft Bibles which may provide inspiration for using toys/household objects to create a scene. I’m welcoming pictures form adults and children so feel free to join in. If you can send me photos by Tuesday that would be great.

If you would like to print out a copy of the prayer used in this week’s video it can be found here.

I’d love to see pictures of your Holy Week altars or of church or Sunday School happening at home. Please share a picture at

Love and prayers

For those who are interested the storybook Bibles I’ve been using most often when teaching are The Lion Storyteller Bible (Bob Hartman & Krisztina Kállai Nagy ) and Children of God Storyteller Bible (Archbishop Desmond Tutu). The children’s Bibles we use in Sunday School are Deep Blue Bibles which are Common English Versions. I also like the DK Illustrated Family Bible for its annotations and information.