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Sacred Space Update

SacredSpaceHayward-smMy Saturdays usually go like this:  After rising and grabbing something to eat and my water bottle, I’m off to the barn.  I’m usually there for several hours.  In the course of the morning, I end up dusty or muddy (depending on the time of year), with dirt smears on my shirt from where my horse has wiped his head on me, and with a bad case of “helmet-hair.”  Of course, I wash my hands, brush off the dirt, and comb my hair when I’m ready to leave.  After the barn, Saturdays are my day to go to the grocery and run other errands.

Last summer I was in Target on a Saturday after the barn.  Clearly, I didn’t look my best, but I didn’t think it was so bad.  A small girl was standing next to me in the aisle, and I heard her parents loudly whisper, “Come here!  Get over here!  Come here right now!”  I could hear them whispering to her on the other side of the aisle, but didn’t know what they were saying until I heard the girl in a sing-song voice: “She’s dirty, she’s dirty!”

I was amused, but knew immediately that if I really were homeless, that might actually hurt.

Sacred Space is a ministry of the Diocese to homeless congregations in the East Bay.  St. James’ supports the congregation that meets in Hayward, every Sunday afternoon at 2pm.  In rotation with other parishes in the Deanery, once a month we provide a packed lunch for the members of this congregation, deliver them, and stay if we can to participate in their worship service.  Clergy in the Diocese – including Lori+ – rotate giving a homily and presiding over the Eucharist. At other times throughout the year we also collect socks, hats, gloves, toiletries, and other essentials for the congregation.

The signup sheet for lunches for January-June, 2017, is on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall.  Please consider signing up to help, and especially to deliver the lunches.  This is a great way to be part of this ministry without making a huge time commitment.  The members of the congregation are kind and friendly, nothing to be afraid of.  And you never know; one day, that homeless person might be you.

~Janet Fischer, Sacred Space Coordinator.