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Interfaith Candlelight Vigil with Abode Services, November 29 2021

Too many people live and die on the street, nameless and alone. Join us in remembering those who have died and raise your own awareness of this crisis. This vigil was held at St. James’ Episcopal Church, Fremont CA on November 29 2021.

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Presented by:
Adobe Services
St. James’ Episcopal Church
Tri-City Interfaith Council

Thanks to:
Faith Leaders from the Tri-City Interfaith Council
Staff of Abode Services
St. James’ Episcopal Church

“Light a Candle” by Marta Keen
Soprano and Pianist: Jennifer Ravera
Alto: Joey Carini

Incidental Music: Twinkle in the Night by Aakash Gandhi

Produced by Jan & Mike Scrutton.