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Going Green!

The ecological movement of recycling and composting is passing us by.  For a community of our size, and one that hosts several outside groups on our campus, it can be challenging to ensure our waste is properly segregated and disposed of.  Until now, we have been fairly lax in our efforts to separate out recycling and compost from landfill, resulting in most of our garbage going into the landfill instead of being turned into good soil or reusable products.  We can do better.

We are stewards of this land here at St. James’.  We are blessed to have the use of many resources.  It is a blessing and a responsibility to be attentive in our stewardship of God’s green earth.  The City of Fremont and Alameda County feels the same.  So much so, that as a business, we are mandated to follow the disposal guidelines for recycling, composting and landfill set out by Republic Services.

What does this mean?  It means, in early 2018, we will reduce the size of our landfill dumpster and obtain a container for compostable items.  It means you will be seeing various bins showing up in the parish hall and education room, along with instructional signs and stickers advising what should go into which bin.  You will see blue bins for recycling cans, bottles, tinfoil and paper.  You will see green bins for discarding food scraps, paper plates, paper cups and coffee grounds.  You will see white or beige bins for anything slotted for the landfill.  And, you will see signs to help you out along the way.  If necessary, we will hold mini-classes between services on Sunday to help educate us in how best to accomplish this effort.

This is an exciting time for our community.  It feels good to be able to make a tangible difference, especially when so much seems out of our control.  We may not be able to stop the ice cap from melting, but we certainly can make sure we are minimizing our own contribution to pollution and global warming.  If you are interested in having a more direct impact, consider joining our Green Team!  You can talk to any one of us – Scott Whitaker, Dave Nelsen, Bruce Roberts, Sandra Motley, or me.

Our earth is so precious and our mark on this earth should be one of healing and life.  We can only accomplish this by reducing our negative impact on the earth as much as possible.  It will be an effort, but it will be worth it.  We have the ability to walk gently in our own garden, making a difference in our common life at our spiritual home.  So, get ready to recycle, compost, and trash as little as possible!  We will turn over a new leaf by putting that leaf in the compost bin instead of the trash bin.  We can do this.


For your interest go to for more information on what is required for businesses and institutions in the City of Fremont.