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Gardening Tips for St. James’ Parishioners

Some of the best tips around are in the St. James’ Gardening & Cooking Book published I believe in late 2017 for our 150th anniversary. Another way is the check with the local stores of Dale Hardware and Regan’s Nursery. They have a lot of native plants that require much less water than other ornamental non-native plants.

Our seasonal rainfall is greatly reduced so far this winter and we need to continue our conservation methods. We replanted our front lawn with the Wildflower Farm’s Eco-Lawn which took some doing since we do use herbicides. We read about this in the Sunset Magazine back during the drought and wanted to try something different. It truly is drought tolerant and you only have to mow it twice a year.

Some native plants I’ve had success with are California Sage, Ceanothus maritimus (Valley Violet), Ceanothus Skylark, Rhamnus Californica – Coffeeberry, and Arctostaphylos Emerald Carpet. All these naive shrubs can be purchased at Dale Hardware & Regan’s. They do change vendors periodically so that may create shortages. For ideas, check with your local St. James’ parishioners along with the California Native Plant Society. Lastly, remember to compost, and make it a way of life. Happy gardening.

~Gregg Feeney