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The Rev. Lori Walton

It is as if life has stopped, isn’t it? A halting of routines, habits and patterns disrupted, negotiating shared space in ways we’ve never done before, having a game plan for grocery shopping, and not being able to run to the doctor for non-life-threatening concerns.  We are living in strange times and nothing seems “normal”. But perhaps this is just the view from our own window. In reality, life goes on. People die, and not just from Covid-19. People are born. People are even falling in love. I watched a short clip on CBS This Morning about a man who saw a woman dancing on a nearby rooftop while he stood on his. He waved. She waved back. Soon he sent his drone over to her with his phone number taped to it and she called him. Since then, they have shared several dinners over FaceTime and have even walked down the street together while he walked in a huge rubber protective bubble holding flowers. Love in the time of corona. Life lives because God lives. We see evidence all around us of the Living God. The cycles of life cannot be disrupted, and love cannot be silenced. When I look out of my window, I look for love. And I see it. I see it in flowers cared for by my neighbor. I see it in the couple walking their dog, hand-in-hand. I see it in the bird feeder filled with seed in the backyard. I see it in the care expressed over computer screens, and I see it in your faces when I imagine seeing you all again. Soon, and until then, we know that love abounds.