Join us for worship in-person every Sunday at 8am and 10:30am (live-streamed at 10:30am)

Why regular worship is important to me

I look at regular worship as being on the top of my “To Do” list for the week. We all write or think about our priorities each week and for me, I always come back to my spiritual journey and how it all starts with St. James’ and the Rector’s gospel each week.

Now like many people I sometimes have a hundred excuses on why I can’t take the time to worship regularly because life will put so many things in front of it however I believe nothing is more important than our worship community. Supporting each other impacts us so deeply and we may not even realize how our mere presence impacts each other. Just missing a Sunday is a missed opportunity to inspire each other!

I remember one time my son was visiting from out of town and I said, “Would you like to join me at St. James’ this week?”  He had a long pause and I said, “Doesn’t God deserve an hour of your time?  After all, look at all your blessings.”  He joined me and was so encouraged by the sermon that week.

Regular worship deepens my love and dedication to God’s will. Going to worship each week is like recharging my spiritual battery. I try to be kinder, more forgiving in this world and it deepens my relationship with him. I feel his divine presence when I attend regular worship.  His blessings are overflowing not only in the wonderful moments but in the hard times in the sad times, he comforts me.

An hour that deepens my connection to the congregation and God, it’s definitely changed my life through regular worship.

~ Kimberly Patton, Jr. Warden