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Why is Regular Worship Important to Me?

Josephine Amadi

My parents, believing that attending regular worship should be a part of my life, introduced church to me at a very early age.

I grew up in a community where at minimum, people gathered for worship at least every Sunday. Some people walked about 4 miles to get to the big church in town. Because of this, Sunday was thought to be the brightest and most special day of the week. Friends and family would dress up in their best to go their church as it was perceived to be the most sacred place in their community. After service, they often engage with one another at rewarding social visits.

One of my fondest memories is watching as relatives eagerly and happily dress for worship. Their spirit lives in me as I do the same each Sunday. I am a strong believer in regular worship as it holds many benefits including the opportunity to renew my faith in God as I worship with other believers.

The spiritual guidance that I deem essential to everyday living is provided to me as I hear the word of God through Bible writings and sermons, music lyrics, and the joyful voices of the congregation. The joy and hope they bring melts my worries even if it is only momentarily. Although my work schedule does not permit me to attend worship as much as I would like, my goal is to make the most out of the opportunities Saint James’ has provided me with. I encourage others to attend worship regularly as it is an opportunity to join in fellowship with others.

~Josephine Amadi