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Why Did I Choose St. James’?

Josephine Amadi

In 2001 my family began attending church service at St. James’ after relocating from the Peninsula. Initially, we attended service when we could not commute to our former church located in the Peninsula for Sunday service or for other activities. However, we later decided to make St. James’ our home church due to convenience. Our children could attend services on their own when we as parents were not able. Also, they enjoyed participating in the youth group services in the evening, bringing along a few of their friends.

Although I chose St. James’ for convenience, the welcoming attitude of the Rector in charge (Rev. Honeychurch), and some of the parishioners who interacted with me were an essential factor in my decision to stay. Not only have I continued to stay, but I have also chosen to participate in some of the church’s ministries when I am available. There has been an improvement in my participation, especially in the last eight years, because Rev. Lori’s genuineness and the selfless efforts of some of my fellow parishioners motivated me.  Additionally, I find my involvement in outreach programs to be very fulfilling.

Lastly, over the years, I have observed St. James’s growth in membership and ministries. I had witnessed member’s testimonies about their experience at St. James’, describing their religious transformation as a result of the welcoming attitude of the St. James’ community. This is the same environment I distinctly remember as once a new member.  I will continue to be a member of the community and strive to participate in the ministries as our Lord directs me.

~Josephine Amadi