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Vestry News – November 2015

The November vestry meeting was held on Thursday the 12th.  These were some of the topics discussed:

  • We quickly reviewed the September financial reports and accepted them. These were not available at the time of the October vestry meeting. We then discussed our financial position per the October financial reports relative to the 2015 budget.  The October financial reports were accepted.
  • We reviewed the preliminary 2016 budget put together by the lead team. A more thorough review of this budget will be done during our December meeting.  By that point we will have a picture of the pledge income we will have to work with.
  • We have had some long-term funds invested in a CD which will mature soon. The vestry approved a motion to re-invest these funds in a new two year CD with a higher rate of return.
  • The vestry approved the ticket prices, suggested by the McCutcheon team, for the January 2016 McCutcheon Concert. We also approved a portion of the proceeds from the concert be donated to Abode Services as we have done the last several years.
  • We discussed the make-up of the 2016 vestry. Many parishioners names were brought forward as potential vestry candidates.  Different vestry members volunteered to speak individually with these people and invite them to consider serving on the vestry.

During the last 30 minutes of our meeting we broke into our two ministry teams.

The Ministry Development Team has met with many ministry teams to help generate ministry charters.  While we have completed the charters we first set out to do, there are still other ministries which would benefit by going through this process.  We listed these and discussed how many of them might be grouped together under the same umbrella.

The Invitation and Integration Team discussed the next steps they will be doing in their process of exploring and implementing new ways we integrate new members into the life of St. James’.

Our meeting closed at 9:00, and we finished our evening together with Compline service in the Little Church.

Vestry meetings are open to everyone and everyone is welcome to attend.  We start each meeting at 6:30, sharing a meal provided by a vestry member.  The business portion of the meeting begins at 7:00 with a prayer and our meetings end promptly at 9:00.  We conclude our time together with Compline.  If you have ever considered being a member of the vestry but have questions about what is involved in the position, consider attending a vestry meeting.  You will find it’s not just a job, it’s a fun, social, rewarding time spent with friends doing the work of the church in our community and doing God’s work in the world.

~ Dave Nelsen, Sr. Warden