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The Power behind Ducks for Bucks in 2018

The money raised through Ducks for Bucks by St. James’ this year will go to the Maisha Bora Initiative for the high school education of two young women. These two young women, Hope and Miriam, will receive our Ducks for Bucks money raised this year so they can go to high school in Kenya where schooling beyond primary school is not paid for by the government. These two young women are bright. They have long range goals. They have worked very hard to get as far as they have. We can help them achieve their goals by supporting them with our Ducks for Bucks money. We have the power to help.

Here’s how it works. St. James’ gets three dollars back for each duck sponsored, and after we sponsor 250 ducks (as a church) we get four dollars back for each duck sponsored. Each duck sponsored by a person has a chance to win “fabulous” prizes. The prizes are listed on the Duck Entry Form. They include $2000 cash, a wellness package, a living trust package, and more, even a 55-inch TV. Sponsor one duck for $5 or six ducks for $25 or multiples thereof. Get your entry forms in the Parish Hall. Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, the Ducks for Bucks Race is an opportunity for many people to raise money for good works. When the Kiwanis pay their expenses for putting on the Race, the leftover money also goes to charity.

The Ducks for Bucks Race will be held on Saturday, April 28 at 1:00 PM. All are invited to attend. Watching the little, yellow ducks spread out into Lake Elizabeth on their way to the Winner’s Chute propelled by fire-hose water from the Fremont Fire Department – is a sight to behold. The carnival atmosphere before the race gives a festive “air” to the race. One can even win additional valuable prizes before the race.

In 2017 St. James’ raised $1878. If we raise that amount again, it will almost pay for the tuition for both Hope and Miriam for a year.

And….there is more! For each duck sponsored you will receive a ticket for the St. James’ duck drawing as well, drawing to be held on April 29th after the 10:30 Service. Check out the prizes in the Parish Hall when you sponsor your ducks.

May yours be the Lucky Ducky!

~ Bruce Roberts