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Maisha Bora

Introducing the Maisha Bora Initiative  

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In Kenya, as in many African countries, high school is only an option for those who can afford to go.  According to UNICEF, only 30-40% of the Kenyan population are able to go to high school.  Those who are not able to get their education are often caught in a system of poverty that is passed down from generation to generation.  In Swahili, Maisha Bora means “better life.”  The Maisha Bora Initiative seeks to do just that – allow children the opportunity for a better life through education.  In February, Hannah Wanjiru, program manager and family friend of Peter and Esther Maina, presented the program to St. James’.  At the same time, Esther Maina shared her story of having no opportunity for education until she met Hannah Wanjiru and connected with Maisha Bora.  Esther was the first recipient of this program and is a living testament of the major impact this program has on the lives of others

With the support of the vestry, St. James’ is partnering with Maisha Bora to assist in the education of young people in Kenya.  For $1,000, we can send one child to high school for one year.  For $2,000, we can send a child to college.  Please consider whether you would like to contribute to our new outreach effort.  You can write a check to St. James’ with “Maisha Bora” in the subject line.  As we move forward, we will allocate the Ducks4Bucks proceeds towards this effort.  In return, the Maisha Bora Initiative will provide us with a picture and story of the child/ren we are helping, allowing us to have a personal connection to the life we are helping to make better.

For more information, see, or check out Hanna’s presentation on our website at: Maisha Bora Initiative powerpoint presentation 2018.