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List of Gifts Given to the Little Church

At the September 22, 2019, dedication and celebration of the Little Church, Lori, with the help of Bruce Roberts and John Maloney, put together a list of gifts given to the Little Church over the years. With the help of Mary Casas and Jan Brandt, an update list was put together. If you have any further updates or corrections of the listing, please notify Sylvia Ma.

Baptismal Font, 1868, given by the Guild.
Window in memory of their son, given by H.E. Mosher and wife.
Window in memory of their daughter, 1897, given by H.E. Mosher and wife.
Chancel window, 1900 (about), given by J.A. Bunting.
Window, 1909, given by Mrs. M. Mowry and Miss Julia Emerson.
Window in memory of Camerons,1909, given by Mrs. H. Turnor and sister.
Missal Stand in memory of O.H. Allen, 1909, Widow M.C.A. Allen.
Window in memory of Clark Chandler, 1908 (est.), given by Mr. & Mrs. Ino Chandler.
Window in memory Howard Overacker, 1911, given by Mrs. H. Overacker.
Brass Altar Vases, 1911, given by Miss Julia Emerson.
Brass Altar Cross in memory of John Thomas Stevenson,1909, given by Mrs. Carrie Emerson.
Plain Hymn Board (not installed), 1904, made by R.E. Braden.
Mowry Window, 1921, given by Emily Mowry.
Bishop’s Chair in memory of Miss Eberly, 1927, given by Mrs. Kelly.
Priest’s Chair in memory of Miss M.C. Benson,1936, given by Mr. and Mrs. Bergstrom.
Chancel Light in memory of Col. & Mrs. George & Medora Kelly, 1937, given by Mrs. Alice Bergstrom.
Processional Cross in memory of Hannah Adams, 1939, given by Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Adams.
Altar Candlesticks in memory of Elizabeth Leachman 1939, given by the Rev. Charles Leachman & daughter Sheila.
Choir Pews in memory of Seymour Waterhouse, 1950, given by Dorothy W. Hill, daughter.
Loosmore Window in memory of Bert Loosmoore, 1985, given by his Wife and Friends.
Stations of the Cross, Mid 1980’s, given by Joe Gorman and the parish.
Early 1990’s, Altar frontals in memory of Richard H. Gifford, Robert H. Athearn, Mary J. Sacra, and Theodore Balderston, given by their families.
Missal Stand in memory of Laurie and Marti Davis, 2007, given by the Davis/Rodriguez family.
Candlesticks in memory of Sally and Les Brandt, 2007, given by Janice Brandt.
Vases, 2008, given by Kitty and Bob Reed and Mary and Al Casas.
Church Organ in memory of Gretchen Estelle Locher, 2011, given by Lynn and Ralph Locher.
Chalice and Paten in memory of Allana Devries, given by Family and Friends.
Holy Water Font in memory of Phillip Johnsen, 2011, given by Barbara Johnsen.
Ambry in memory of Brad Hoffman, 2015, given by Frank and Rose Hoffman.
Window dedicated to all who worship in the Little Church (past, present and future), 2017, Patti Lacy, Sylvia Ma, Roberta Tomkinson, and Laura Winter.
Lenox vase and blown glass vases in memory of Mary Auguardo & Louise Sigmon, 2019, by Richard Reynolds & Robert Sigmon.
There is no date or information for the Madonna of the Goldfinch painting.