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Faith Formation Updates

For many years Bruce Roberts has faithfully led the Faith 2015-VBS-BRobertsFormation committee, keeping the team on track and moving forward.  With his election to the Vestry this year, Bruce will step down as chair, although he will remain a member of the committee (whew!).  We thank Bruce for his many years of service to Faith Formation, his leadership, and his wise counsel.
During 2016 the committee’s goal is to continue to bring you great programs, studies, and discussions to enhance your spiritual growth.  Even if you cannot attend a full series of classes, feel free to drop in as you are able.  You are always welcome!
We are always looking for new members of the Faith Formation team.  If you are interested, even if just a little bit, please attend a meeting to see what we do.  Our next meeting is March 14 at 5:30pm in the vestry room.  Please let me or Lori know if you have any questions.
~Janet Fischer, Chair, Faith Formation Committee