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Estate Planning Event

Estate Planning Event on June 10th

The St. James’ Endowment Board is organizing an ESTATE PLANNING SEMINAR at St. James’ on Sunday, June 10th, 12:30-2:30 pm. We will begin with time for fellowship and a light lunch. We encourage you to attend and invite your family and friends to learn more about wills, probate, inheritance taxes, asset protection, trusts, or estate planning. The event will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss these topics with an estate planning lawyer who may be available for help creating or updating wills, trusts, or other estate plans. Please contact a member of the Endowment Board for more information, or sign up in the Parish Hall to attend.

For information on including St. James’ in your estate plans, joining the St. James’ Shell Society, or learning more about the St. James’ Endowment Fund, contact a member of the St. James’ Endowment Board.

~Cathy Knotts
St. James’ Endowment Board Chair

St. James’ Endowment and Shell Society Update 

For over 150 years, St. James’ has been an active presence in our Fremont community. In 2003, a group of forward-thinking parishioners shared a long-term vision of creating an Endowment to ensure that St. James’ would continue to be a welcoming place for worship and service in our community long into the future. They began by first declaring their intention to include St. James’ in their estate planning, and then followed up by donating funds or by including St. James’ as a beneficiary of their wills, trusts, insurance policies, IRAs or other investments. This was the beginning of the St. James’ Endowment Fund and the St. James’ Shell Society (which is simply the group of people who have made the decision to support the St. James’ Endowment Fund). Additional funds were also established within the Endowment for the Little Church and for the Memorial Garden.

With support from those original visionaries and others who joined their ranks over the years, the Endowment Fund principal has grown from $7,200 in 2004 to $174,774 at the end of the first quarter of 2018. The bulk of the St. James’ Endowment Fund is managed by State Street Global Advisors (which is part of the Episcopal Church Foundation Endowment Management Services). The Fund is currently valued at $186,908. With continued favorable market conditions, the Endowment Board can annually use part of the interest which has accrued up to 5% of the market value based on a three-year rolling average calculation. At the last annual meeting, the Endowment Board presented checks to the Vestry and to the Little Church (the Memorial Garden had sufficient funds in their account and chose not to take a distribution from their Endowment Fund).

On Sunday, June 10th, the Endowment Board is organizing an estate planning seminar to provide a forum for parishioners as well as their family and friends to learn about wills, probate, inheritance taxes, asset protection, trusts, and charitable planning. We encourage you to attend and to plan your financial affairs in advance to take care of those closest to your heart as well as for peace of mind for yourself and for your family.

If you have questions about the Endowment, our upcoming event, or if you would like to contribute to or include St. James’ in your estate planning, please contact anyone on the Endowment Board, Treasurer, Senior Warden or clergy for more information.

Cathy Knotts
Scott Whitaker
Jeanne Morris
Jino Joseph
Mary Casas
Bruce Roberts, Sr. Warden
Lynn Locher, Treasurer