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Choir Practice – September 7 at 7

musicimage2016“Good News, Chariot’s a Comin’ “* —  Actually, what with school starting and all, it’s time for the St. James’ Choir to start singing at the 10:30 AM service. That means, yes, that Choir Practice is starting. For ALL who would like to express themselves in voice, in the comfort of other singers, and be a big part of the Sunday Service, here is your chance. And Jennifer and the current choir members will welcome you with open arms.
The first Choir Practice will start at 7 PM on WEDNESDAY, September 7th. That’s a big change since last spring for the practice had been starting later. So it will start at 7PM and end at 8 PM, only an hour of practice. What do you think of that? In early and out early!
Jennifer Carini and the “old choir” would love to see you there.   “And I don’t want it to leave me behind…”
~Bruce Roberts
* Chariot’s A-Comin’.