Join us for worship at 8am and 10:30am Sundays, 10am Wednesdays.

Why Regular Worship is Important to Me

In our everyday life, it is easy to get wrapped up in the business of everything.  By intentionally coming to church to worship on Sundays, it sets aside special time for God.  We are good at asking for things and turn to God when things do not go well or we have pain of some kind.  However, pure worship, praise and thanks are harder to accomplish on a regular basis.  Worship is about giving back to God, praising His holy name and re-dedicating our lives to Him.

Sunday morning worship is a privilege that is not enjoyed by all people in the world.  The ability to attend church without fear of being arrested or persecuted in some way is taken for granted by most of us at St. James’.  It is actually wonderful that we have unfettered access to worshipping God.  We can open ourselves freely to our ever loving Father who always wants to hear us and receive our praise.

Regular worship is important to me because it is sacred time that is set aside.  I am a creature of habit and attending church on Sunday mornings where I know the order of the service and the many different parts thereof is both comforting and renewing.  However, I do not just attend church for myself.  I worship at St. James every Sunday primarily to give something back to God and to support my church community.  Although I can see God in many places and at many times; in a pink sky at dawn, in the majesty of the ocean, and in the quiet rustling of the forest, I find him always at St. James in the familiar words, in the visuals at the altar, in the words of the sermon, in the music, in the faces of my fellow worshippers  and in the communion.

~Vivienne Paratore