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Vestry Report – April 2017

April Vestry Meeting Notes
After sharing a delicious meal, prepared by Jill Buono, we shared God moments. Penny Trant was unable to join us.
The treasurer’s report was given by Lynn Locher and we voted to renew the Building account CD and Special Interest CD for 3 year terms. We agreed to spend $1,000 from the Endowment account in support of SAVE. We accepted the financial reports and the minutes from the March meeting and accepted the rector’s and ministry reports for March.
We moved onto New and Continuing Business and discussed the legality and liabilities associated with buying an AED. We also discussed the requirements and responsibilities associated with having an AED on site. Bruce gave an update about the little church buttress project which should take about 5 more weeks. Bruce also reported that a grant has been submitted to the Rotary Club for the Little Church Renovation.
Scott gave a deanery report regarding work parties in for Corazon where groups build houses for people: the next party is June 23rd and the deanery is looking for 35 people to go. We agreed that the deanery reps will communicate more with the congregation and that we will discuss donating to Corazon in May. We received an update on Earth Day and finally, we discussed the plans for the 150th celebration and the sign up for Vestry members to bring food to the Easter celebration.
We closed with compline in the little church led by Jill.
~ Vivienne Paratore