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How Jesus Changed My Life at St. James’ – All You Need Is Love

Bruce Roberts

Jesus asked us to love one another. In the summer of 1967 The Beatles released the single “All You Need Is Love” written by John Lennon. Now, for some reason, this song has been caroming around in my head for a couple of days. And true it is, at least the refrain is true. As we approach “Stewardship Month” the refrain falls on us with deeper meaning compared to prior months, months of summer, back to school and so forth. How do we love one another?

One way to love one another is to support each other. That support can come in many forms, friendly greeting, serious conversation, even Bible Study. Support in the form of prayers for each other helps lighten the burdens we try to shoulder ourselves. Do we think of these forms of support as love? Often we “just do them” instead of thinking of them as love, but love they are. The closer we are to each other the more that love outpours. Family, church, friends – suddenly our world grows. Then we start to think of others we do not know but have sympathy for because of their situation. How do we express ourselves?

It’s difficult to get beyond “me” or “us” sometimes. As in “What can I do?” in this crazy world. As tempted as I am to say, “Let me count the ways,” I’ll let you count the ways. St. James’ helps us count the ways and express the ways we love each other. For all these ways let us support St. James’. Life Changing.

~ Bruce Roberts