St. James’ 150th Celebration


150th anniversary t-shirts are now available to order!

To celebrate our 150th Anniversary we are having celebration 150th TShirtt-shirts printed and they can be ordered between now and June 11. They will arrive in time for those marching in the 4th July parade to wear them, or to be worn for St. James’ Day, in addition to deanery and community events. Our full 150th design appears on the back of the shirts with a smaller design on the front.

To order, check out the table (with sample sizes) on the patio on Sunday May 28th, June 4th and 11th, drop into the office, or complete the order form available here and mail it in by June 11.

Any questions email our children’s minister Jan Scrutton at


LC-old-aWelcome to our 150th celebration!

The Little Church

The Little Church

St. James’ was established in 1867 and has been an integral part of the Fremont community ever since.

Below please find our schedules and plans for our celebration!

You can read a little about our history here.





MarchCreate list of invitees.
Plan calendar.
"Save the Date" posters for church hall.
Laura & Meg
Names & addresses


April 22nd
Send out info about events.
Ducks for Bucks table
Meg & Laura

List of events

Materials for display
2nd Sunday
3rd Sunday
1st Sun: Pentecost
Sunday School picnic
Volunteer Sunday

Jan S.
Evelyn & Ashley

4th July Parade
St. James' Day
VBS - In This House
Linda N.
Jan S.
Register, banner, participants
AugustFamily PicnicJeannie - face painting
Gregg & Cathy - activities
SeptemberPut up displays/photo gallery in church hall.Mary M. & BruceArtifacts & display casesKatie C.
OctoberArticle for Tri-City VoiceJan S.Article & picturesBruce & Vivienne
November 5thBishop's Visit
Commemorative bulletin
LoriAnthem commission.
Art work & info
Lori - liturgy
Jennifer - music
John T. - bulletin
November 5thCelebration after serviceFood - cater
Dessert coordination
Kids events
Set up/clean up
Jan B.
EJ for music
Elaine & Linda
Dave, Gregg, Ralph, Cathy
DecemberTime CapsuleArtifacts, pictures

Other activities/events, not yet calendared:

  • St. James’ history book – John Maloney to write, Ralph to help with publishing.
  • St. James’ Windows history – Patty Lacy, Tim Swensen, Jan Brandt, John Maloney, Bruce Roberts
  • St. James’ Cookbook – Jim Cunningham, Bruce Roberts, John Maloney
  • National Night Out Event – Elaine & Gregg
  • Displays in the history museum and library – Patty will coordinate and investigate
  • Obtain statements from local politicians and government officials – EJ with help from Vivienne
  • Create certificates of appreciation for long-time members – Nancy S. & Jan B.
  • Design and print commemorative tee shirts – Jan S. will investigate