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Abode Services – Rapid Re-Housing Home Warming Update 

St James’ and Corpus Christi sponsored a single Mom with 5 kids – ages 3, 8, 12, 15, 20.
The security deposit and 1st month’s rent was $4900.00.  We provided many of the household items which have been accruing
in our storage unit for the last year.  Many thanks to the parishioners and families who have donated beds, dressers, lamps, flatware, dishes, towels, cleaning supplies and gift cards.  The 16 churches which support the Rapid-Rehousing program are very creative with funding sources and supplies.
We are sponsoring a second family for April.  This family is a single Mom with 3 kids – ages 3 months, 9 & 10.  The needs are mainly for beds and household supplies along with kitchen supplies.  We are helping with the deposit along with the Sisters of the Holy Family.  The deposit was $3017.00.  The other churches will help with items we cannot locate or have in our possession.  
As you can see the needs of the homeless families are high and with the St James’ community, and fellow churches were getting these families out of temporary housing into permanent housing.  Thanks for your contributions big and small; they all add up.   If you have any questions, please contact me at 510-506-2303 cell or email  
~ Gregg Feeney