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Welcome to St. James’!


Our labyrinth

Our labyrinth

St. James’ has been part of the Fremont community since 1867.  We are a diverse community of friends and neighbors, old and young, long-term members and newcomers. Our present and future is based on our own efforts to work together for our neighbors, welcoming and accepting all people. Many of us have come to St. James’ as tourists or nomads and by welcoming St. James’ into our hearts, are now pilgrims, sharing our gifts and talents to make the love of God and Jesus Christ known to any seeking them. Our 10:30 service is projected onto a screen to assist those who are deaf or hearing impaired.

St. James’ offers many opportunities for self-renewal, reflection, fellowship, and service to others.  If you are interested in knowing more about any of our ministries or programs please contact the church office.

We invite you to join us in whatever degree or capacity you able: we are an inclusive, multi-cultural congregation that welcomes all seekers and people of good will.  

St. James’ is a parish in the Diocese of California, part of the Episcopal Church, USA and a member of the Anglican Communion.

Our Latest News

Visit our Blog for up-to-date stories from St. James’, including these most recent posts:

  • Why I Give to St. James’ by Bruce Roberts - Growing up in Twin Falls, Idaho, I remember as a child placing a dime in the offering plate – to help children in Africa. Other than that church was free except for my Mite Box, again to help children elsewhere.  I thought church was free, maybe supported by God.  Fast forward to the College of
  • Sermon for May 1 2016 - Gospel: John 14:23-29. Sermon by Rev Lori Walton. “All Things Bright And Beautiful” sung by the Sunday School.
  • Sermon for April 24 2016 - Gospel: John 13:31-35. Sermon by Brian Cochran.