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Vacation Bible School, July 27-31


Welcome to St. James’!

easter1St. James’ is a diverse community of believers and seekers, friends and neighbors, old and young, long-term members and newcomers. Our present and future is based on our own efforts to work together for our neighbors, welcoming and accepting all people. Many of us have come to St. James’ as tourists or nomads and by welcoming St. James’ into our hearts, are now pilgrims, sharing our gifts and talents to make the love of God and Jesus Christ known to any seeking them.  Our 10:30 service is projected onto a screen to assist those who are deaf or hearing impaired.

Our many ministries speak to the varied gifts of our members: children and elders, cooks and gardeners and knitters, caregivers and helpers, listeners and speakers, lifelong students and teachers. We have found that all of us have gifts to share; participating in the life of this parish helps us to discern what those gifts might be, and how to put them to the best use God has intended. You will find us active in every area of the church, from participating in feeding programs to singing in the choir, from preparing the altar to tending our buildings and grounds.

We invite you to join us in whatever degree or capacity you able: we are an inclusive, multi-cultural congregation that welcomes all seekers and people of good will.  

St. James’ is a parish in the Diocese of California, part of the Episcopal Church, USA and a member of the Anglican Communion.

Our Latest News

Visit our Blog for up-to-date stories from St. James’, including these most recent posts:

  • “Joe Hill’s Last Will,” Execution, and John McCutcheon - Execution is a pretty grim subject.  So imagine a man telling us his life story on the night before he is executed, executed for a crime he did not commit. How is a play treating this subject going to find its way to humor, to be uplifting?  Let labor historian and songwriter Si Kahn write
  • Shell Society - On the morning of May 2nd, Bishop Marc and St. Anne’s  hosted the legacy societies of Southern Alameda County.  It was well attended by the St. James’ Shell Society. Amanda Kiernan, planned giving officer, welcomed the group.  She told of her background and her thoughts on her new position.  Bishop Marc talked briefly about diocesan
  • Memo from the Treasurer - Part of the Sunday service is a time for people to come forward to acknowledge their birthday, anniversary or other mile stones in their lives. At this time the acolyte will have a brass container in which the individual may make an offering. This “Birthday Money” offering is traditionally small, one cent for each year.